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From big ideas to the most detailed observations, social science affects us all every day - at work, in school or college, within our communities, when exploring our identities and expressing our beliefs.

How has the world changed over the last 50 years as a result of social science and how will it continue to change? We are inviting young people aged 14-18 to show this in a photograph. You can look back or to the future, but you need to show us how things have changed in society.

Last year we challenged young people for their unique take on society and the social sciences by asking them to take a picture of where they belong and feel at home. You can see just how talented and imaginative they were in the following video. 

The winning entries will also form part of a touring exhibition, 'How to get to 100 and enjoy it!', visiting 6 cities throughout the UK. Further information on dates and locations can be found via the ESRC Festival of Social Science.

See the video with the winning entries:



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